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Obama Cake


Getting ready for the big election? This delicious dessert is dedicated to the Barack Obama's inspiring campain. Decorate with melted chocolate and creams.



This classic French dessert is easy-to-prepare, rich, crispy, and absolutely delicious. Multiple crispy layers interlaced with a contrasting light butter cream filling.

Taco Cheese Dip


A really easy spicy dip for crock pot. Great flavorful cheese appetizer is perfect for a party.

Pacman Cake


A two-layer cake shaped as a Pacman with cream cheese frosting!

Salmon Carrot Salad


Make the best salmon salad that combines tenderness of the salmon with sweetness of grated carrot. The secret dressing is the seafood coctail sauce. Easy, quick, and great-tasting salad.

Beef & Bacon "Sausages" with Dry Fruits


These beef rolls are stuffed with dried fruit, wrapped in bacon, and broiled. The filling might seem unusual, but it gives a great sweet-sourish taste. It is easier to make than the popular chicken roulades.

Easy Pulled Pork Sandwiches


Oven-roasted pulled pork is the perfect and easy meal. Tender, moist, and loaded with flavor, the sandwiches are great delight.

Easter Bunny Chocolate Cake


This spectacular bunny cake makes an excellent surprise for Easter. Rich, moist, with layers of delicious cream, and chocolate butter cocoa frosting.

Avocado, Tomato, and Mozarella Salad


This very simple, yet very delicious and colorful salad with avocado, mozarella and tomatoes, makes a perfect starter for a dinner party.

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