Obama Cake


Getting ready for the big election? This delicious dessert is dedicated to the Barack Obama's inspiring campain. Decorate with melted chocolate and creams.



This classic French dessert is easy-to-prepare, rich, crispy, and absolutely delicious. Multiple crispy layers interlaced with a contrasting light butter cream filling.

Pacman Cake


A two-layer cake shaped as a Pacman with cream cheese frosting!

Easter Bunny Chocolate Cake


This spectacular bunny cake makes an excellent surprise for Easter. Rich, moist, with layers of delicious cream, and chocolate butter cocoa frosting.

Very Quick Roulade


Serve this light sponge rolled up with blackberry preserves for a delicious tea-time treat. It takes just 5 minites to prepare the dough and 10 more minutes to bake it.

Upside-Down Plum Cake


A new version of the classic upside-down cake, this is easy to make and yields impressive-looking results. The taste is unbelievable: juicy, sweet-sourish, and tender.

Train Cake


A fantastic way to celebrate a kid's birthday! Our train cake is made with honey, raisins, and chocolate. Its wagons are filled with grapes, grated chocolate, almonds, and oranges.

Valentine's Day Cake


A wonderful special dessert. The grated chocolate and strawberry make it look so special, and the raisins in the cake are a nice surprise. A favorite to bake and eat, this cake comes in many variations (see Train Cake, Snowman Cake, and Ghost Cake).

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